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Vision of Immigration
Travel to Thailand
Visa Procedure
Staying over 90 days
Notification of residence
Thailand's Official Holiday
Ẻ駷ѡ .30
຺Թ 90 ѹ
Other documents
Apply for notification of staying in the kingdom (Over 90 days)
Find crime clues
of immigration law
Trafficking, Drugs,
Transnational crimes
Call:1178 or  
077-380881 (Surat) 
077-423440 (Samui)
If you would like to make a complaint about the service.
That you have received,
please contact
Pol.Col. Suparerk Pankosol
Superintendent of
Suratthani Immigration
Tel. 08-1583-8148
Royal Thai Police
Immigration Bureau
Immigration Division 6
Muangsuratthani Police Station
Department of Employment Suratthani
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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News of Performance/Arrest   at January,14 2019 Viewer : 1052
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